Administration Programs


Annual Reports

LCHD provides annual and mid-year reports that are shared with the public via mailings, email lists, social media posts and meeting presentations. The report is a snapshot of the Health Department's activities for that set period of time.

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The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) has established standards for the measurement of health department performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice-focused and evidenced-based standards. LCHD evaluates the performance of the department, and coordinates with the Accreditation Board to ensure good standing.

November 2013 our department was accredited by the PHAB. We were one the first 22 health departments in the country to have achieved this milestone out of more than 3,000 health departments in the nationwide.

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Vital Records

Birth & Death Certificates (Vital Records)

Vital records include birth certificates, death certificates, paternity affidavits and burial permits. The LCHD maintains records of births and deaths occurring within the Licking County Combined General Health District from 1907 to present.

The LCHD can now issue birth certificates for individuals born anywhere in Ohio after 1908. This eliminates the need to visit the county of birth to obtain a certificate. There is no additional charge for this expanded service. Older birth and death records from 1875 through 1908, and marriage certificates from 1875 to present, are available from the Licking County Probate Court, Courthouse, Newark, Ohio 43055, (740) 349-6137.

Birth certificates have a number of important functions. You may need them when applying for a Social Security card or passport, to get a new driver's license, to enroll in school, or to be eligible for other services. Death certificates are a record of the date, place and cause of death of an individual. Death certificates are useful in genealogy research. Many requests for records come from individuals researching their family histories. Death certificates are required for survivor Social Security benefits, estates and life insurance claims. Death certificates also provide important information about the causes of death, which can be used to develop health policies and programs.

Certified birth and death records are $25.00, which includes $13.50 in state fees. Certified copies are required for most official uses of vital records. They carry the seal of the registrar and are on special security paper. To request a birth or death certificate you can visit the LCHD office at 675 Price Road, Newark,OH 43055, fill out a request form and mail it in with payment, or call (740) 349-6535 to order over the phone.

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Vital Records

Affidavit of Adopted Person

The Licking County Health Department staff can assist adoptees in completing the Affidavit of Adopted Person form for the Ohio Department of Health. The adopted person will have to have a valid photo ID to execute the affidavit. Once the affidavit is completed, the adopted person will need to mail it with applicable fees to:

Vital Statistics
PO Box 15098
Columbus, OH 43215-0098

If you have further questions please visit the Ohio Department of Health's website, or contact the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics by calling (614) 466-2531, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  


Board of Health

The Licking County Board of Health is the Health Department's governing body. The board is made up of 11 members from the county. Of those 11, two are appointed by the Mayor of Newark, one by the Mayor of Heath, one by the Mayor of Pataskala, one is appointed by the License Advisory Council, and the remainder are appointed by the District Advisory Council. Members serve five-year terms. The Licking County Board of Health meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Third Floor Conference rooms at LCHD. The public is welcome to attend. View the Boards Public Comment Policy HERE.

The Board develops the Licking County Health Department Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

2019 Board of Health Members

  • Neisha Grubaugh, President
  • Mary Billy, R.N.
  • Chicky Dyer, D.C.
  • Larry Friesel
  • Jim Glover
  • John Wetmore
  • Shelly Ellis
  • Patrick Scarpitti, M.D.
  • Carol Wachtel, R.N.
  • Gary Wood
Health Assessment

Community Health Assessment

Assessment of the health of the population in the jurisdiction is a core function of the health department. This includes: systematic monitoring of health status; collection, analysis and dissemination of data; use of data to inform public health policies, processes and interventions; and participation in a process for the development of a shared, comprehensive health assessment of the community.

The LCHD utilizes the MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership) process which includes four assessment tools:
1. The Local Public Health System Assessment.
2. The Forces of Change Assessment.
3. Community Themes and Strengths Assessment.
4. The Community Health Assessment which includes the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey of 500 households in the county.

This assessment information is used by the Board of Health and the health department leadership team to develop the LCHD Strategic Plan and it is also used by the Community Health Improvement Committee to develop the Licking County Community Health Improvement Plan.

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Community Health Improvement Committee

Working toward a healthier Licking County - Together!

The Licking County Community Health Improvement Committee (CHIC) is comprised of over 20 agencies who are part of the public health system in Licking County. These agencies work individually to better the health of the citizens of Licking County, and they all have agreed to form the CHIC to work collaboratively to accomplish the goal of a healthier Licking County. The committee developed a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) based on data collected through the MAPP assessment tools. The plan's priority areas include obesity, tobacco use and prevention, improving access to affordable healthcare services, and mobilizing partnerships and developing strategies to address community health objectives. A total of nine subcommittees were formed to address these priorities and they are responsible for reporting their progress to the CHIC on a quarterly basis. The CHIP will be evaluated on an annual basis and any necessary modifications needed to better address the committee’s priorities will be made.

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Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Health departments play important roles in preparing for and responding to disasters, including preventing the spread of disease, protecting against environmental public health hazards, preventing injuries, assisting communities in recovery, and assuring the quality and accessibility of health and health care services following a disaster including bioterrorism incidents.

The LCHD works closely with other agencies to prepare for, and respond to emergencies that threaten the public's health. LCHD staff participate in state and local emergency planning committees including: Licking County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Central Ohio Regional Public Health Planning Committee, Medical Reserve Corps and the Central Ohio Regional Medical Response System. We test and update our emergency response plans annually. We have participated in local, multi-county and regional exercises covering chemical attacks, bioterrorism and disease outbreaks. Routine emergency response questions and concerns should be directed to (740) 349-6535. If a public health emergency occurs outside our normal office hours call 911.

We want your feedback!  Take a look at our Pandemic Influenza Plan and let us know what you think.  To submit feedback CLICK HERE

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Joe Ebel

Health Commissioner

R. Joseph Ebel R.S., M.S., M.B.A

Joe Ebel has served as Licking County Commissioner since 1999. Prior to coming to Licking County he had served as the Director of Environmental Health in Morrow, Marion and Crawford counties. Ebel is a State of Ohio Registered Sanitarian and has earned a Bachelors degree from Oberlin College, majoring in Geology, and both a Master of Science in Environmental Management and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Findlay.

He has served on numerous state and local boards and committees, including the Public Health Partnership of Licking County, Mental Health America of Licking County, Children and Family First Council of Licking County, Ohio Environmental Health Association Scholarship Committee, Newark Rotary Club, Ohio Public Health Association, Association of Ohio Health Commissioners and Our Futures in Licking County.

Ebel lead a successful initiative to pass smoke-free indoor air ordinances in Newark, Heath and Granville in 2005 and 2006. He also coordinated the merger of the Newark City and Licking County Health Departments by gaining the support of township trustees, village mayors, city mayors and city councils, resulting in the successful merger after nearly 50 years of on-and-off attempts. Ebel lead LCHD to achieving National Accreditation in 2013, one of the first 22 departments in the nation to be granted this recognition.

See more from the Health Commissioner here.

LCHD Leadership Team

  • Chad Brown R.S., M.P.H., Director of Environmental Health/Deputy Health Commissioner
  • Kari Kennedy R.N., M.B.A., Director of Community and Personal Health
  • Todd Kirkpatrick M.S., R.D., L.D., Maternal and Child Health Director.
  • Ashley See, Health Promotion Director
  • Barbara Lanthorn, Director of Administrative Services
core values

Mission, Vision, and Values

Why the Licking County Health Department is important to our residents.

The Mission of the Licking County Health Department is to Prevent Disease, Protect the Environment, and Promote Healthy Lifestyles for those who work, live, or play in Licking County.

Our Vision is that our work will lead to Healthy People, Living in Healthy Communities, in Licking County.

Our Core Values guide the way we approach our work, make decisions, and interact with each other, our clients and our partners.

Our Values - The Licking County Health Department Strives to Be:

  • Credible - Trusted in what we do
  • Innovative - Leader in public health
  • Responsive - Action oriented
  • Collaborative - Building strength through partnerships
  • Integrity - Acting honestly and ethically
  • Respectful - Valuing others

For a full description of our values click HERE 

Public Health Guardian

Public Health Guardian Award

The Board of Health may designate one or more individuals, agencies or programs as recipient of the Public Health Guardian Award each year. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to: Board of Health members or Employees with distinguished service; elected or appointed officials whose actions have advanced or supported public health; physicians, nurses or other medical professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the community; or any individual, agency or program that has made a significant contribution to the promotion and protection of public health in Licking County.


Public Health Guardian Award Recipients

2017 - Dr. Jeff Lee, Licking County Deputy Coroner: Licking County is fortunate to have someone with Dr. Lee’s expertise and dedication to identifying the cause of death and contributing factors. Data developed through Dr. Lee’s work allows public health and safety agencies to develop strategies to save lives by developing interventions which prevent disease and injury.

2016 - The Canal Market District, CMD offers fresh, affordable, locally grown foods accessible to local residents. It promotes healthy eating and educates visitors about better nutrition, which is a key to improving the overall health of our community. It is the first Farmers' Market in Licking County to accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program and Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program are also accepted by eligible vendors.

2015 - Austin Lecklider, Mr. Lecklider is responsible for providing legal counsel to the Health Department regarding a variety of matters. He offers assistance to the department through the prosecution of public health nuisance cases, reviewing contractual agreements, and proving legal opinions to the Health Department.

2014 - Doug Smith, for his work to reduce tobacco use in Licking County. Smith advocated to have a smoke-free work place policies for Licking County employees and county properties, and supported changes to promote smoking cessation in the county health insurance policy that takes place in 2015.

2013 - Paddy Kutz, for her leadership in promoting the link between a healthy mind and body. Paddy worked to promote good mental health and wellness in the community, and advocated for victory over mental illness.

2012 - Ray Wagner, for 21 years of dedicated service on the Licking County Board of Health.

2011 - Lori Dixon, for her efforts in coordinating the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

2010 - Kay Barton, for her extraordinary support for breast cancer awareness, screening and survivor services in Licking County.

2009 - Paul George, for serving on the Board of Health from 1998 - 2001 when he was elected as an Etna Township trustee.

2009 - David Reeder, for serving on the Board of Health from 1997 until his death in 2008. David was recognized for his dedication to public health and support of the LCHD.

2006 - Vera Bagent, for volunteering hundreds of hours of her time to enter birth and death records into a computer database, facilitating searches, and speeding the fulfillment of vital statistics record requests.

2005 - The Cities of Newark, Heath and the Village of Granville, for their efforts to protect the public’s health from the hazards of environmental tobacco smoke by enacting smoke-free workplaces and public places regulations.

2004 - John D. Tegtmeyer, for 21 years of service on the Licking County Board of Health and his exceptional devotion to protecting the public's health. The Board of Health honored the memory of John David Tegtmeyer by naming him as recipient of the 2004 Public Health Guardian Award.