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The following Summary Comparison Report provides an “at a glance” summary of how the selected county compares with peer counties on the full set of Primary Indicators. Peer county values for each indicator were ranked and then divided into quartiles.

Licking County Ranking Better Moderate Worse
  Top 25% of Peer Counties Middle 50% of Counties Bottom 25% of Counties
Mortality (Deaths) Coronary heart disease deaths
Motor vehicle deaths
Stroke deaths
Alzheimer's disease deaths
Cancer deaths
Chronic kidney disease deaths
Chronic lower respiratory disease (CLRD) deaths
Female life expectancy
Male life expectancy
Unintentional injury (including motor vehicle)
Diabetes deaths
Morbidity (Disease/Illness) Older adult asthma Adult diabetes
Adult obesity
Adult overall health status
Alzheimer's diseases/dementia
Older adult depression
Preterm births
Health Care Access and Quality Cost barrier to care
Older adult preventable hospitalizations
Primary care provider access  
Health Behaviors Adult physical inactivity Adult female routine pap tests
Adult smoking
Teen Births
Adult binge drinking
Social Factors   Children in single-parent households
Inadequate social support
On time high school graduation
Violent crime
High housing costs
Physical Environment Access to parks Housing stress
Limited access to healthy food
Living near highways
Annual average PM2.5 concentration

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