Partners in Wellness (Third Grade Program)

Partners in wellness

Lessons Include:

Introduction to Wellness - Students are introduced to the concept of wellness and how it includes their physical, emotional and social health.

Communicable Disease Control - Proper Hand washing, Bacteria and Viruses, Preventing the spread of germs. (Experiments are included in this lesson - 2 days)

Heart Health - The role the heart plays in the body and how to keep your heart healthy. (Video utilized)

Proper Nutrition - The food guide pyramid and how to eat to grow healthy and strong. (Registered dieticians from WIC facilitate this lesson - 2 days)

Physical Activity - The benefits of living a physically active life for overall wellness.  What amount of exercise is appropriate for good health.

Tobacco Use/Smoking Prevention - Tobacco and how it affects the body and the concept of addiction.

Dental Health - Your teeth, the function of each tooth, and proper tooth care. (Puppet used to demonstrate proper brushing techniques. Students receive a free packet with toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.)

Stress Management - Good and bad stress, and how stress can affect their health. Positive ways to cope with stress.

Personal Hygiene -  The importance of good hygiene including bathing and personal grooming.

Sun Safety - Cancer Prevention


School Districts Participating

  • Granville (GIS)
  • Granville Christian Academy
  • Heath (Stevenson)
  • Johnstown-Monroe
  • Lakewood (Jackson Intermediate)
  • Licking Heights (South & West)
  • Licking Valley Elementary
  • Newark (Ben Franklin & Legend)
  • Northridge Primary
  • North Fork (Utica Elementary)
  • Par Excellence Academy
  • Southwest Licking (Pataskala Elementary)

Support for this program comes from:

Licking County Health Department General Funds

Academy of General Dentistry Foundation

The Energy Cooperative Round Up Foundation, Inc.

The Granville Community Foundation

American Medical Association Foundation (2016)

Gannett Foundation (2013)

Delta Dental Foundation (2016)

The Public Health Partnership of Licking County

If you would like to support this program contact Joe Ebel at (740) 349-6477